“The commercial real estate lending market remains robust, despite financial market volatility and heightened trade tensions” CBRE

Today’s guest is Mitch Ginsberg, CEO, and Founder of CommLoan. Mitch has managed to gain over 25 years of experience in finance and accounting. One of his many achievements includes building and growing a mortgage bank with branches in multiple states. Now, he is determined to shake things up in the commercial mortgage industry. Mitch will tell you that in taking the cutting edge technology of the CommLoan platform (CUPID) and combining it with good old-fashioned customer service, anything is possible.

During this episode, Mitch and I discuss how he disrupted the commercial real estate lending industry. He did this when he founded CommLoan using technology to change the game of commercial real estate lending. We also dive into the details of how CommLoan has created a win-win situation for borrowers and banking institutions alike. Mitch also discusses market projections for commercial lending as well as what’s in store for CommLoan in the future.

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Mitch’s Book Pick:

Long Walk for Freedom

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