How Joe Fairless Became a Real Estate Investing Powerhouse

I have known Joe for many years, a matter of fact, he is the reason I started a podcast about real estate investing! I thought it a perfect fit to have him jumpstart INVESTTHIS 2.0! Join us as we discuss how Joe became so successful, how it started, and the significant role his mindset played […]

INVESTTHIS EP 70: Invest in New Markets with Virtual Wholesaling

The great thing about virtual wholesaling: You don’t need a business card, or anything to get started, just the drive to make a deal. -Greg Helbeck Greg Helbeck is the co-owner of Velocity House Buyers and Host of Pave the Way Podcast. He started his real estate journey after his dream of being a professional […]

INVESTTHIS EP 69: From Comedian to The Godfather of Wholesaling

Jamil Damji, also known to some as the Godfather of Wholesaling broke into real estate shortly after moving from Los Angeles where he was a comedian. In 2009 he lost everything, as many did, but instead of focusing on the negative, he bonded with family and made the best of what he had left. He […]

INVESTTHIS EP 68: How to Build a Real Estate Brokerage Business

“Agents tend to have many options available when it comes to choosing a real estate brokerage that is a fit for them, so it is important to invest in and grow the culture at your brokerage in addition to offering support and education.” –Forbes Real Estate Council Today’s guest, Steve Trang, started out as an […]