“…Lots of entrepreneurs are simply not natural sales people. The skills that you need to start a business and pursue a strategic vision are not always the same as the characteristics you need to close deals.” –Entrepreneur

John Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Midwest Revenue Group. John wasn’t born a sales guy; he worked hard, learned a lot and plowed through towards his success. John worked his way up in corporate America and then found his niche when he transitioned into sales training. Today, John helps successful businesses go further faster. Midwest Revenue Group’s sales training provides companies with a proven, practical roadmap for improving their closing ratio and increasing sales and profits. The process, in and of itself, helps business professionals differentiate themselves from their competition when selling.

Today, John and I sit down to discuss how he started his business, which he wasn’t 100% sure about, and explains why that is a good thing. He also talks about the most significant hurdle he had to get over to move towards entrepreneurial success, which is something everyone struggles with at one point or another. He also provides expert advice on how to run a one-person show, as well as how to scale your business when it’s time to expand. And of course, there are multiple nuggets of wisdom as to how to become better at sales.

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Midwest Revenue Group



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Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life

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