InvestThis Podcast EP 8 Dayo Properties


Mobile Homes and investing hasn’t been synonymous with making money in the past. But, that has all changed due to the real estate market getting tighter with every passing day.

This week, we welcome Jay and Samera from Dayo Properties, who have turned investing in mobile homes into a profitable business. So profitable in fact, they have quit their 9-5 jobs and are experiencing the joy of leaving the grind behind. The cherry on the top of the investing cake for Jay and Samara is the joy they feel in helping people with affordable housing. Dayo Properties

The beauty of mobile home investing is that you don’t have to worry about full rebuilds. It can also be part-time work to pay for that European vacation you’ve always wanted, putting your kids through college or saving for retirement.

Within this podcast, you will learn how to invest in mobile homes, where the hottest up-coming markets are as well as the differences between investing in traditional real estate vs. mobile homes. Hint: It’s a lot easier.

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Listen in to Jay and Samera’s full episode here!

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