Scott Bower is a transplant from the state of Iowa who caught the entrepreneur bug at the early age of 17 when he started his first company, a vehicle detailing company. He went on to study at the University of Iowa with degrees in Business Communication and Entrepreneurial Management while also studying health and nutrition. With his entrepreneurial spirit and his degrees in hand, he moved to Arizona to begin a dominating career real estate that continues to thrive

Starting his real estate career in 2012 as an agent in residential retail sales at Keller Williams Realty, he closed $2.2MM in volume his first 12 months but quickly realized being an agent was not for him. Since then, Scott has become a successful real estate investor, completing over 500 transactions with over $80,000,000 in closed volume to date while also building a portfolio of rental properties and apartment syndications. He is also the host of the INVESTTHIS Podcast, an interview-based podcast providing maximum value for his listeners on how to capitalize on the best investments and business practices. Scott is an avid learner and self-educator always looking to up his game and now moving into more substantial investment opportunities in creative finance, multifamily, and commercial real estate. He focuses on building strong relationships with his investors, capital preservation with strong returns, creating passive income streams and building wealth for his family.


HBSB Holdings is one of Arizona’s top real estate investing groups because we focus on doing things right. We specialize in buying distressed assets (multi-family, commercial, retail, single-family, bank REOs, sellers who need to sell fast)… as well as working with property sellers who just prefer not to sell the traditional route through a real estate agent. If we can’t help them directly, we offer traditional solutions as well. As long as we are meeting the needs of our customers, that’s all that matters!


Are you here to listen and understand what the most successful real estate investing pros are doing to consistently grow their portfolios? Then you’ve come to the right place! My name is Scott Bower; HBSB Holdings owner and CEO and I want to welcome you to the INVESTTHIS Podcast, where I dig into the minds of the most powerful entrepreneurs to learn the secrets of their success and share them with you.

This podcast is all about you, the listener. My goal is to provide you with critical real estate investing information, as well as how a successful investor mindset can propel you to the next level. I want you to be able to successfully invest in your business and life, advancing it forward at lightning speed

Snagging crucial information while listening to podcasts is key. It is one of the essential tools I’ve used to build my company to over $1 million in revenue per year and over $27 million in real estate transactions closed in just a few years. My company continues to grow and expand into real estate syndications, massive real estate portfolios, multifamily, commercial properties, and everything in between. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then saddle up and tune in to hear the secrets that will propel you into successful real estate investing. If you don’t want to miss an episode, subscribe today, using this link.

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