Whether you are in wholesaling and want to make effective changes to scale your business, or you’re just starting out, this is the podcast for you. Find out how Jonathan Rankin, went from a W2 electrician to a solopreneur to partnership to an empire.

Jonathan is the co-founder and President of Development for Core Properties. He is a licensed real estate broker with 10+ years of experience in the real estate industry. Jon’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to build his own real estate investment company, JRankin Properties, before partnering with Rob Heyder, to form Core Properties. He has experienced all sides of the business, but more recently, is focused on strengthening operations and day to day company leadership. Due to their success, Jon and Rob have also started a hard money lending company, Core Funding, a real estate brokerage, Core Realty, as well as owning and operating commercial space.

During this episode, as promised, you will learn 3 ways to scale your wholesale business through Jonathan’s detailed information on how he started as a wholesaler making a decent living with 50 deals a year. Today, his company does 150 wholesale deals a year. Also, you will learn the steps he took to start his brokerage business as well as how he is moving into commercial real estate investing.

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