Crowdfunding has continued to gain in popularity following the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012, a revolutionary law that created the opportunity to market private investments to the public for the first time. –Forbes

Crowdfunding has been a buzzword in our industry for a few years now, but many of us still struggle with what exactly crowdfunding is and more importantly, how to utilize it. This episode will answer all your questions and more.

My guest on today’s show is Mark Roderick, who is a Crowdfunding Attorney, with Flaster Greenberg PC. He Crowdfunding concentrates his practice on the representation of entrepreneurs and their businesses. He represents companies across a wide range of industries, including technology, real estate, and healthcare. Expanding on his in-depth knowledge of capital raising and securities law, Mr. Roderick is spearheading Flaster Greenberg’s Crowdfunding Practice. He also is a member of the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions, Business and Corporate, Taxation and Healthcare Groups.

During today’s episode, you will learn what exactly crowdfunding is, as well as process and particulars you need to know to start your fund. Also, you will discover the platforms and costs of crowdfunding and why obtaining a securities lawyer is essential. We also go into detail on the benefits of Regulation A, as well as the securities hoops you must jump through. You don’t want to miss Mark’s expert opinion on the exciting developments in the next five years and what it means for the future of crowdfunding.

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