The housing market has seen significant trends emerge in 2019. Hard money lending has become an increasingly worthwhile option, as volatile markets give way to increased interest among millennials, a key demographic. Cision PR Newswire

Chris Eymann, Founder of Sell Wholesale Houses, has been a real estate investor for the last 20 years. In those years he has purchased more than 10,000 homes, and funded more than $500,000,000 deals. In an effort to help others, he is now teaching classes on how to start a wholesale business, through his REI Ground School.

On today’s episode, Chris details his hard money lending business and how his lean and mean team is set up for success. Also, he discusses how he runs both sides of the house efficiently. Because both Chris and I reside in Phoenix, we discuss the market today and how it may look in the near future. In addition, we talk about marketing strategies, cold calling legislation, and how it may affect your marketing. One topic that is always on every investor’s mind: Cashflow. We go over how to keep it flowin’, no matter the market!

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