“Investing in multifamily properties lets you boost your income while reducing vacancy rates.” –Fortune Builders

Dino Pierce is the CEO of Edified Equity and is a multifamily syndicator that works closely with Family Offices and ultra-affluent families collaborating on deal-specific equity positions. Dino is an author (The Edified Equity book on Equity Investing is in the works), has published numerous articles, white papers, video recordings, audio interviews, and podcasts. Besides that, he is also a multifamily expert speaker as well as an award-winning blogger for BiggerPockets. And if that isn’t enough, he is the Host/Creator of the purely educational Facebook Group “Multifamily Passive (Equity) Owners/Investors: Benefits of a Passive Owner,” and Hosts the Edified Equity Podcast.

Dino has certainly managed to pack in a lot of information into this episode; I’m not even quite sure where to start! Along with providing the top 3 benefits of investing in multifamily, he also discusses his insights on how to pick the perfect properties. Furthermore, Dino provides insights into which property classes are resistant to market change and the importance of conservative underwriting. He also offers a peek into how he is planning on growing his business in the next five years.

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