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Get the inside scoop on how to navigate investing in senior housing, which is a booming but difficult business to start.

In this weeks episode, I sit down with Tanner Bickelhaupt, Founding Principal of The tanbic Company. Tanner has more than 13 years of real estate, finance, and management experience. His investment track record includes successfully investing in multiple asset classes, in various markets, and through different economic cycles. Tanner walks us through the steps you need to take to get into senior housing investing, the differences in licensing structures (they are very different from traditional investing), as well as information on this thriving industry as a whole. tanbic-7x3

But, Tanner doesn’t stop there! Listen in as he shares his fascinating journey of jumping from a residential broker to starting his private equity investment firm. Learn the key strategies he used to make the transition into multi-family investing. And, you don’t want to miss how he perfected his Proforma strategy.

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