The value a real estate wholesaler brings to their buyers is their ability to locate and negotiate control or purchase of homes at discounts. Forbes Real Estate 

I’m honored to share my father’s real estate wholesaling journey on this week’s podcast. My father, Ron Bower, was a corporate man for 35 years, working in technology. When his company downsized last year, he decided to take on the daunting, but doable task of starting his own real estate business, RB1 Investments. As with all new endeavors, he needed to learn, and learn quickly. He joined the Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) program, which taught him how to be a real estate wholesaler from A-Z. He feels that REWW is an invaluable resource that continues to this day to help him grow his business.

On this weeks episode, Ron discusses why he decided to start working for himself and how he made the transition from corporate America to founding RB1 Investments. He also shares valuable advice on how to move past your fears to build the life you want. Also discussed is how to apply all that you have currently learned into a new business, and how to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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Ron Bower Information:

RB1 Investments, LLC


Phone: (515) 393-4042

Ron’s Favorite Book:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Further Information on Real Estate Wholesaling

#INVESTTHIS EP 27: Building a Wholesale Business from the Ground Up

Further Information on REWW

Just like my father, I got my first deal going using this system. Click here to check it out.

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