Land flipping may be in my future. I say this with all sincerity due to the wealth of information, my guest, Jack Bosch provides in this episode.

Jack started with two suitcases and a load of debt when he immigrated to the United States from Germany. Today, he is the managing partner of Orbit Investments and Founder of The Land Profit Generator. Jack has vast experience in real estate having negotiated, bought, sold, rehabbed, as well as owned and managed over Land Flipping3,800 properties since 2002. Currently, he and his wife Michelle hold an extensive portfolio of properties in land, single family, commercial, and large multi-family properties. They also built the 3rd largest land auction company in the United States. Furthermore, Jack and his wife started a highly successful 7-figure real estate education company focusing on teaching others how to invest in real estate. Jack is also a #1 bestselling author of the financial literacy book “Forever Cash, break the earn-spend cycle, take charge of your life, and build everlasting wealth.”

On today’s episode, Jack focuses on his land flipping business. He discusses the details of building cash flow by buying and selling land. Also, Jack provides insights on how to find buyers, overcoming obstacles, as well as how to make an offer that will be accepted. Two of the other fascinating topics Jack talks about is the unknown secrets of seller financing and the criteria he strictly follows for his cashflow business.

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