As Frank Sinatra mused “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” holds true for New York real estate investing. It’s a different animal, and my guest, Joe Cordes provides a generous amount of advice on how to navigate this irregular market.

Joe Cordes is the owner of Comax Properties, a local real estate solutions company. Joe has been interested in real estate since his college days. Even during his career as a police officer, and later as a sales manager, he invested as side-hustle. Once he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of investing full time, he has not looked back.

On today’s episode, Joe provides an in-depth look at the New York market and how to find your competitive edge. He discusses the pitfalls of investing in an attorney state, as well as dealing with permits, which could be a full-time job. Also, Joe advises on wholesaling and the problems with multifamily investing. Because he knows the market so well, he has a unique take on where it is going in the next five years.

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COMAX Properties



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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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