Real estate is an alternative asset that is permitted to be owned by a retirement account. In the case of IRAs, the most common manner in which to purchase real estate is by using Self-Directed IRAs. Forbes

Today’s guest is Bernard Reisz, who is the Principal of 401k Checkbook. His company crafts retirement plans that enhance their clients current and future finances, while giving them complete control over their investments. Bernard has made it his mission to know every nook and cranny of the financial world. He holds both security and insurance licenses so that he can keep up with the ever-changing tools and regulations.

During this episode, Bernard shares his vast knowledge of investing utilizing self-directed IRAs or 401Ks. Other topics that we cover extensively are the differences between a financial advisor vs. a fiduciary advisor. Also, we discuss the dissimilarities between using your 401K plan vs. an IRA, as well as the tax advantages. Bernard also explains his unique business model, where his number one goal is to give his clients greater control over their retirement money.

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More Useful Information on Self-Directed IRAs

#INVESTTHIS Special Episode: How to Use Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

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