I have personally benefited from the power of mentorship, and would not be as successful as I am today without it. I believe it’s a valuable tool to keep pushing you to your highest success. It can also lead you into other avenues of real estate investing, which will expand your portfolio by leaps and bounds.

I’m a huge supporter of anyone and everyone getting a mentor to help them move forward, and I’m thrilled to bring you today’s episode that speaks to one of my passions.

Today’s guest, Templeton Walker, Founder of The Templeton Group, says that mentorship changed his life. He shares his story of how he transitioned from selling shoes at Nordstrom (funny story) to a realtor and then again into real estate investing. Today, his business is thriving, with $40MM in volume, and a large and productive staff. Templeton is adamant that he would not be where he is today without having a mentor.

During today’s episode, you will learn how our skillsets and bottom lines have benefited from mentorship as well as creative ways to find mentors. We also discuss finding creative assets and generating passive income in unique ways. An exciting part of our discussion is what is on everyone’s mind: The market. Where’s it going, and how do you prepare for a possible downturn.

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