Think Realty’s highest honor, the 2018 Master Investor of the Year was awarded to Adam Adams. He is in great company in this year’s awards, as Joe Fairless won Multi-Family Investor of the Year. The award program recognizes leaders who positively impact the real estate investing industry.

Adam started investing in real estate in 2005. After repositioning his first apartment community in 2007 (from $2MM to $4MM value in 12 months) as a property manager, Adam bought his first multifamily apartment building. Since then, Adam has founded BlueSpruce Holdings and manages several single-family fix & flips and holds over a hundred multifamily rental doors. Adam is the organizer of Colorado’s most active real estate group, and he hosts the Creative Real Estate Podcast.

I’m honored to have Adam on my show today as the first podcast of 2019! First of all, we discuss how he got his start in property management so that he could qualify for a commercial loan to start his business. We also discuss his first steps into multi-family, how he has grown his business, as well as how to put together a tactical team. Furthermore, Adam goes into detail about how to find, manage and make a significant profit on out-of-market investments, as well as why C-Class investments are his number one choice. And you truly don’t want to miss his investment predictions for 2019.

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Adam Adams Information:

BlueSpruce Holdings

The Creative Real Estate Podcast

BlueSpruce Events



Adam’s Favorite Book:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

More Information on Multi-Family Investing

#INVESTTHIS EP 39: The Top 3 Benefits of Investing in Multi-Family Properties

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