Probate real estate has proven that it deserves a place amongst today’s best acquisition strategies. However, the process of acquiring a deal through probate is different than the average investor’s knowledge. It is a unique process that you will learn about on today’s show.

My guest today is Joe Theriault, owner of Inherited Property Solutions, who started the company because he saw a need in the marketplace that wasn’t being filled. He is bothered that people are suddenly thrust into a great deal of responsibility during a difficult time, such as losing a loved one and being responsible for inherited property. Ever since then, Joe and his partner Ray and their team have dedicated their time to help this distinct group of individuals sell their inherited property with dignity.

During today’s discussion, Joe gives some expert advice on the differences in probate real estate investing. In addition, he provides tips on how to get into this niche business. You will also hear how Joe started the company, some of the lessons he learned along the way, and how he put together his team. In addition, Joe talks about finesse being a considerable part of his day-to-day and how this skill has enabled his success.

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