Wholesaling is a way to make a lot of money in real estate without using any of your cash or credit because you end up getting paid for finding great deals. –National Real Estate Investor

Our guest on this week’s episode is Raul Bolufe, at just 21 years old Raul started investing in real estate with the hopes of improving the quality of service for both buyers and sellers alike. From humble beginnings, Raul was able to grow his company into a local well-established brand in only 4 short years.

Now, at 25, Raul has sold over 300 homes and owns a small rental portfolio of single-family homes. Successfully operating a 10 person team and navigating the real estate investment market, Raul strives daily to learn more about best serving his clients.

On today’s show, you will hear Raul’s inspiring story of how he discovered his passion for helping others, an in-depth look at the Miami real estate market, and how he guides his team to repeated success.

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Raul Bolufe Information:

Capital Rise Investments

Capital Rise Investments Blog




Allan’s Book Pick:

The 10x Rule


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