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Did you know that you can make 50% – 75% more in profit utilizing a Rent-to-Own model?

This week, we welcome Tony Javier, Founder, and CEO of Professional Home Buyers out of Wichita Kanas. Tony has been investing for over 17 years; buying, fixing and selling properties. They upped their Real Estate game when they put together a unique Rent-to-Own model, which has allowed them to make money while helping communities and people.

Pro Home Buyers LogoProfessional Home Buyers scaled up their Rent-to-Own business to allow them another opportunity to sell properties at a maximum value. It’s not only good business, but it is beneficial for their clients, as they don’t have to negotiate the price, there are no closing costs, and most importantly, they are on their way to being homeowners.

In this episode, Tony will explain how he finds leads through marketing, the profit margins you can expect, and the intricacies of financing. Everything you need to know if you’re interested in investing in Rent-to-Own properties.

Listen in to Tony’s full episode here!

Want to learn more about Tony Javier? Check out his podcast on Masters in Real Estate

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