Josh Gayman, the master of wholesaling, was my 3rd guest on #INVESTTHIS. His episode still holds the title of ‘Most Popular’ of all my podcasts.

Josh bought his first rental property in 2012. Today, Josh has transacted over 700 houses for over $100,000,000 in transactions. He runs a full-time wholesale operation with a sales staff generating over six figures per month, as well as a rental portfolio of over 20 properties. In 2016 Josh shocked the real estate world with his famous product “Cold Calling On Steroids.” This product has revolutionized real estate marketing costs for investors around the country and is so popular he has a waiting list of people trying to get their hands on it.

During today’s episode, Josh gives us an update on his wholesale business and his new journey into helping other wholesalers. He talks about how he has developed a series of helpful tools and will begin mentoring this year. Josh also goes into detail about how he has grown his business during the last ten years, as well as helpful insights into converting leads. Due to his business growing, Josh talks about how hiring a COO has helped him tremendously in a multitude of ways. You will also learn in this episode, what he wants to do in the future, who he admires the most and why and what his most significant achievement is to date.

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#INVESTTHIS EP 44: The Steps to Take to Become a Real Estate Wholesaler

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