85% of expert marketers say that lead generation marketing is the most important element in their marketing arsenal. –Lyfe Marketing

Marketing is ever-changing, and it’s tough to keep up with what’s new, what’s working and what’s best for your business. For real estate investors, lead generation marketing is crucial, and on today’s show, we are going to provide ways to analyze your marketing to ensure that it is working effectively to bring in as many leads as you can handle.

To help us through this marketing maze, is Dan Schwartz, CEO of InvestorFuse. Dan has a passion for advising the overwhelmed real estate entrepreneur work smarter and earn more by setting up effective systems. After launching InvestorFuse, a lead conversion system for real estate investing, he’s helped bring the power of automation to over 700 happy investors and has built an active community around the technology.

On today’s episode, Dan and I discuss the different marketing tactics you can use to improve your lead generation. The most essential factor for effective marketing is good data. Dan breaks down how to analyze your data and the costs associated with each tactic to improve your marketing.

In addition, we discuss iBuyers and how they are affecting the real estate market, as well as the market in general and where we see it heading in the near future. And one of the fascinating portions of this show is the inside scoop on the latest version of InvestorFuse and how it’s going to be faster, more agile and super simple! The new version will be out later this year.

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