Lead generation will never be the same, and I say that with 100% certainty, as I started using IVY RE Data a few months ago. It has significantly changed my business and improved my bottom line, I just wish I had found it sooner!

This is an #INVESTTHIS first! On today’s episode, you will get a full demonstration of the disruptive lead generation system IVY, from Founder Kyle Wyloge. This system is a first of it’s kind, incorporating quality data, lightning-fast skip tracing (we are talking 30 seconds), API Integrations and the best part, no CSV work! You can literally buy a house before your competition even gets their list back. Sounds good, right? It’s even better!

Kyle Wyloge’s fascination with real estate started as a child, going on real estate appointments with his mother. Right out of high school, he obtained his license, did some buyer/seller business then got into the investment side a few years later. He has purchased and resold almost 2000 homes in Maricopa County and represented a large national company to acquire 400+ properties in Colorado within 16 months.

Check out the episode, for an in-depth look at this disruptive technology, and if you want to see the demonstration, head on over to YouTube and watch!

If you like what you hear (or see), there is a SPECIAL offer that Kyle has extended exclusively for #INVESTTHIS listeners: Click Here! 

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More Information on Mentorship (And Doubling Your Cash Buyers List)

#INVESTTHIS Episode 73: Doubling Your Cash Buyers List

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