Investthis Joe Fairless Real EstateJoe Fairless is a leading real estate investor controlling over 265 million dollars in real estate. The Texas native and previous manny started in advertising after moving to New York quickly climbing the corporate ladder becoming the youngest Vice President of a New York advertising agency.

After reading Investing for Dummies and attending a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar, Joe purchased his first investment property in October 2009. After purchasing several homes over the coming years Joe quickly realized that purchasing only single-family homes would not produce enough profit to leave his full-time job. This journey leads Joe into apartment syndication, now Joe’s top source of income.

Over the years Joe has been able to expand his empire into a multi-million-dollar business, he is a leader in apartment syndication and now teaches new investors the ins and outs of the business.

On top of all this Joe also hosts the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast “Best ever real estate investing advice” producing hundreds of podcasts for over 3 years.

Listen in to hear Joe’s full story, how he built his empire and why he says love and contribution runs it all.

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