What does it mean to be a Real Estate Entrepreneur? In this episode Jared Irby from Jared Irby LLC in Mobile Alabama talks about how he is a Real Estate Entrepreneur and manages to “keep the lights on” at his company by doing whatever it takes.

Irby LLC Mobile, Alabama
Irby LLC Mobile, Alabama


Jared manages a team of nine employees which are all on salary plus a large team of contactors, bird dogs and 1099 employees. How does Jared continue to bring in enough money to pay everyone? Jared says his team does just about everything in real estate – from wholesaling, wholetailing, flipping, apartment syndication – if it’s a good deal, they go after it.


Jared’s current project is a 64 unit apartment complex that he acquired after purchasing a smaller unit from the same seller. The team is remodeling 55 out of the 64 units while also fixing outside deferred maintenance on the property. With the help of his team and trusted contractors, Jared is almost complete with his multi-family rehab and looking forward to the positive cash flow it is bringing.


To hear more about Jared and his team and how they continue to grow listen in to the full episode here.


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