InvestThis JoshGaymanWhat do you do when you just get licensed in real estate and the market crashes? This weeks speaker Josh Gaymen was faced with just that scenario.

Josh Gayman, a real estate investor in both Phoenix and Portland now brings in 6 figures a month with his real estate business Easy Button Home Sales but humble beginnings in his business taught him the ups and the downs of the investment world.

In this episode Josh teaches us how he has been able to grow his business to 6 figures a month. Mixing wholesaling,wholetaling, rental properties, coaching and more Josh will run our listeners though each of these areas, explaining what he has learned over the past 10 years and what has made him so successful.

To top it off, Josh is now a coach to other real estate investors having two separate coaching programs Flip hackers Academy and Josh also is a huge advocate for building homes and schools to countries where resources are scarce. “Making a big impact is a huge driver for me”…“It’s not just about double my profits it’s about giving back”.

Listen to Josh’s full episode here.

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