#InvestThis EP8 Scott Bower Dave Brown

What do you do when you’re facing divorce and losing your house, your main business and side hustle both crash and your financial situation is dire? You keep pushing forward…

In this week’s episode of #INVESTTHIS: Dave Brown, elite real estate investor and host of the popular podcast American Snippets, talks about how he pulled himself out of that exact situation. Soon after the market crash in 2008 Dave, like many other people across the US, hit rock bottom and lost everything. With two kids to support, Dave knew he needed to crawl out of this tough spot fast. With the help of his mentor Kent Clothier and a “no quit” attitude, Dave kept moving forward regardless of the situation. He’s now at the top, teaching new real estate investors and entrepreneurs how to persevere though any situation. logo-blue

Dave States that, “no matter what, it takes hard work, time, persistence and passion” to be successful as an entrepreneur. But at the end of the day because of this hard work he is the owner of his time, spending every moment he can with his children, something he wouldn’t give up for the world.

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Listen in to Dave’s full episode here

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