InvestThis EP7 Brian Cunningham

Have you ever worked with a residential real estate agent and heard them scoff at a flat fee service company? Many of us have, but why is that? Is it because they feel flat fee real estate companies offer fewer services than traditional residential real estate agents or do agents simply not want to lower their commissions?

InvestThis AZ Flat FeeIn this episode we listen to Brian Cunningham, founder of AZ Flat Fee, a full-service flat fee real estate listing agent who is taking the bad flat fee name and changing the game.

Brian states he started AZ Flat Fee after losing out on several sellers leads due to commission costs. “Many people simply can’t afford the traditional 6% commission price when selling their home”. He noticed more people moving to sell their home “by owner” but losing out on much needed real estate services.  Brain thought it was time to step up and offer his clients a full-service agent but for a flat fee of only $3000 no matter the price of the house.

Brian feels that real estate is all based on customer service. He wants o provide a service that people can afford without losing on quality. He wants his sellers to have “market liquidity” when selling their home. He wants to pass this to investors as well as he feels it’s important for investors to reap the benefits of flat fee real estate services just like any seller should.

Listen to Brian’s full story here.

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