The great thing about virtual wholesaling: You don’t need a business card, or anything to get started, just the drive to make a deal. -Greg Helbeck

Greg Helbeck is the co-owner of Velocity House Buyers and Host of Pave the Way Podcast. He started his real estate journey after his dream of being a professional hockey player didn’t work out. Facing his new reality, Greg looked deep inside himself and discovered the power of books and personal development to improve his situation. Within 3 years, Greg went from broke living in his parent’s basement to becoming a successful real estate investor who operates a 100% virtual wholesaling business. Greg has ambitions to get involved in commercial real estate investing and becoming a beacon of positivity for people his age to inspire them to go out and achieve the success they want.

Greg might be just one year out of college, but what he has done since that time is phenomenal. On today’s show, Greg tells his story of losing one dream but creating another within real estate investing. Greg shares what mistakes to avoid when starting in virtual wholesaling, and tells a great story of what not to do with direct mail lead generation. Additionally, he goes into great detail about maximizing your leads, focusing on net profit and the importance of reflecting on your activities. For there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive.

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Greg Helbeck Information:

Velocity House Buyers

Pave the Way Podcast




Greg’s Book Picks:

Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur

The Art of Exceptional Living


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