When you neglect basic habits for better health, you run the risk of being tired, unfocused and more vulnerable to illness. -Mental Health FirstAid

I know the importance of taking care of my health, both physically and mentally. I have seen the extraordinary Better Healthbenefits it has had on my business. Today on the show, my guest Kyle Reidhead, Founder of HealthSimple is here to help my listeners up their success game through better health habits.

Kyle combines his formal education with years of practical experience in health coaching clients as well as his personal health optimization journey. As an Online Health Coach, he helps busy professionals improve their lives and their businesses. His passion is helping others, and he created Health Simple as an avenue to teach and help as many people as possible.

On today’s episode, Kyle discusses how he went from corporate America to the beaches of Indonesia to focus on growing his business. He’s a firm believer in jumping into the unknown for he believes that’s the best way to develop as a person. Kyle provides techniques that can help you to improve productivity, creativity, and longevity. Also, he explains the health advantages of fasting. And, as we all know, stress is a huge factor in our overall health, and Kyle gives some great advice on how to manage it daily.

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#INVESTTHIS Episode 48:How Improving Your Health Is Good For Business


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