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Learn how Andrew Campbell turned his professional life around after a family tragedy taught him to live an intentional life by design.

In this weeks episode, I sit down with Andrew Campbell, Managing Partner of Wildhorn Capital. Andrew is a native Austinite and real estate entrepreneur who broke into real estate investing first as a passive investor in 2009. In 2012 he transitioned into active investing and management. At Wildhorn, he is focused on Acquisitions and maintaining Investor Relations, leveraging his marketing background to build long-term relationships.

With an advertising degree and years of successful marketing positions, Andrew started in real estate after his father was seriously ill and he felt he needed to reevaluate his priorities. Discover how Andrew began as a passive investor and grew his business as an active investor into a $70MM portfolio with over 700 units. Learn how he transitioned into real estate, how he leverages his marketing background to find the best property story as well as what his real estate prediction is for the near future (hint: a macro shift in homeownership).Wild Horn Logo

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Andrews’s Favorite Books
Millionaire RE Investor
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Cashflow Quadrant

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