J Scott - successfully invest in a tough real estate market

Whether you’ve been there or have a fear of it, to successfully invest in a tough real estate market takes intelligence and finesse. This is why I have invited J Scott, best-selling author of The Book on Flipping Houses and Founder of 1-2-3 Flip to the show today.

J. Scott is a full-time entrepreneur and investor. He is an engineer and business guy by education. In 2008 J and his wife decided to leave the 80-hour work weeks behind. They quit their jobs, moved back East, got married, started a family and decided to try something new. That something new was investing in real estate. Today, J has bought, built, rehabbed, sold, lent-on and held over $40MM in properties.123 Flip Logo

In today’s episode, J discusses how to beat your competition and successfully invest in a tough market. He goes into detail about what investments work the best. J shares his secret to easily navigate property management as well as the benefits of investing in C-class properties. The proverbial “cherry on the top” of this informative interview are his predictions for the future of real estate investing.

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The Book on Flipping Houses

The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs

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