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Many indicators point to commercial real estate as a strong choice for agents looking to move their business forward in 2018 (Forbes Real Estate Council)

In this week’s episode, we welcome Danny Randazzo of Randazzo Capital. Danny is based out of Charleston, South Carolina and acquires commercial and multifamily properties with a focus on adding value and increasing cash flow. From his initial profitable experience with real estate, he became obsessed with building a multi-million dollar portfolio that generates double-digit returns.Randazzo Capital Logo

In this week’s episode, Danny talks about his three rules when investing in commercial real estate, how to put together profitable joint ventures as well as how to attract and acquire investing partners.

Danny believes that investors need to do more than evaluate properties and underwrite deals. It’s important to be a part of, and contribute to, communities of like-minded individuals, as relationships are essential to develop new ideas and learn lessons. As Danny says “There is not one person out there that knows everything.” To learn more from Danny, check out his blog here.

Check out Danny’s full episode here.

If you would like to work with Danny, please click here.

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