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Jason and Pili Yarusi started out helping storm-ravaged homes in New Jersey, moved on to flipping and leveraged those ventures into multi-family investing.

Jason and Pili are the founders of Yarusi Holdings. In 2014 Jason bought his first investment property in a beach town affected by Hurricane Sandy and targeted the teams focus efforts in the direction of growing a real estate portfolio. Pili obtained her license in 2013 and she has not stopped! Her passion is taking old, rundown, underappreciated homes and turning them into homes that deserve a good family. Together they run a successful business and raise two adorable children.Yarusi logo

In this weeks episode, I talk with Jason and Pili about how they changed their mindset from just investing in single-family/flipping homes to scaling up to multi-family units. Learn how they are systemizing and growing their business, how they use syndication to buy larger units and you don’t want to miss their advice on how to tackle the imminent interest rate hikes.

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