Michael Pouliot, a financial analyst by day and real estate investor by choice, shares his step-by-step process of how to enter new markets and make big profits.

Michael Pouliot has worked as a financial analyst for the last seven years. Two years ago he used his transferable skills and started investing in single-family homes, but didn’t like the lack of cash flow, and began investing in multi-family ventures.

In this week episode, Michael takes us through his tried-and-true method of entering new markets. He explains how to build solid relationships with brokers and how to create a 60-second elevator pitch that works. He also talks about his analysis process to determine whether he wants to syndicate or not, as well as how he has systemized his flipping business.

There is so much valuable information in this podcast; you might have to take notes!

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Michael’s Favorite Book:
Think And Grow Rich

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