To find success after failure seems rather daunting, but for Damion Lupo, it was a life changer. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Damion started his first business at age 11. Over the last quarter century, he’s started and owned more than 40 different companies, with more than a dozen real estate investment and development companies. In 2008, Damion lost it all and had to start over. The biggest lesson he learned was that his self-worth was too intertwined with his net worth, and he sought to change that. Today Damion works with change agents to disrupt Wall Streets manipulative system of enriching itself at the expense of its clients. He’s on a mission to empower Main Street through tools and teachings of financial transformation.

Today’s show is inspirational and informative. Damion tells his story about how he reinvented himself and his business model after his financial collapse. He also talks about how patience is more than just a virtue in business, and why it’s essential. Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan investing is his focus right now, and he explains the benefits of outsmarting Wall Street. You won’t want to miss his inside information on the changes that are coming in mid-2019 and his advice on thriving during this downturn.

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