Cash buyers provide great liquidity for the U.S. real estate market, can make deals easier to do for front line investors, and can become versatile long term partners for expanding a strong real estate business. –REWW

Today’s guest has used every tool at his disposal to create the life he has dreamed of. Brandon Simmons started his real estate investing career under the mentorship of Sean Terry of Flip2Freedom fame as his 37th academy member. After his mentorship and doing other jobs within banking and real estate, Sean asked Brandon to come work for him. And within Brandon’s first year after his acceptance, he tripled his income and today is the Owner of Simmons Consulting Group.

On today’s show, you will find out 2 very easy, yet impactful ways to double your cash buyers list. You will also learn the 4 types of cash buyers that even the guru’s don’t talk about, and how to engage with them. Brandon is a visionary, and he has developed a fantastic process for creating a feeding frenzy of buyers to every open house, which he shares within this episode. But the most incredible advice he shares is how giving to others and adding value is a sure-fire way to grow your business.

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