“Agents tend to have many options available when it comes to choosing a real estate brokerage that is a fit for them, so it is important to invest in and grow the culture at your brokerage in addition to offering support and education.” –Forbes Real Estate Council

Today’s guest, Steve Trang, started out as an Electrical Engineer, for Intel designing cell phone hardware. He dabbled in real estate buying rental properties then acquired a mentor to teach him the wholesale business. Fast forward to today, Steve is the founder of Stunning Homes Realty. Steve started the real estate brokerage because he wanted to provide consistent, high-quality service to all of its clients. Most brokerages are agent-centric, and their goal is only to hire as many agents as possible. By hiring only the highest quality agents and staff, Steve’s company can focus only the clients’ needs and concerns. Steve is also the host of the Real Estate Disrupters podcast, creator of #100Millionaires movement and designer of OfferFast an app for off-market real estate properties where buyers and sellers can quickly list, manage and communicate directly with each other.¬†

On today’s episode, Steve discusses how he transitioned into real estate, building his brokerage with over 100 agents, and how he empowers his team to exceed expectations. Because Steve is a serial entrepreneur, with so many different businesses, he explains how he juggles everything by learning and implementing new systems. We also discuss his podcast, which he records live, and he reveals why he chose this method. Both Steve and I are avid readers, and we compared notes on the brilliant books that have made an impact on our lives and businesses.

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Steve Trang Information:

Stunning Homes Realty

Real Estate Disrupters 

Real Estate Disrupters Podcast







Steve’s Book Picks:

Never Split the Difference


More Information on Building a Business
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