With the New Year, I thought it a good idea to share something different this week. Improving your health, as we all know is important. But, it’s also a fact that it will improve your business. The Center of Creative Leadership’s study found that Executives who exercise are significantly more effective leaders than those who don’t. -Entrepreneur

I am very health-focused, and on today’s show, I have brought my friend, trainer and exercise inspiration, Jacob Holmberg. Jacob knew when he was 18 that he wanted to help people with their health and wellness. He started working for gyms but quickly decided that he wanted his own business. He branched out on his own with 12 students working out in a park. His talent and integrity impressed one of his clients, who decided to invest in him, and CrossFit Blur was born. Today, in his 11th year of training, Jacob and his partner Justin now own two CrossFit Blur gyms in Arizona.

On today’s episode, Jacob and I discuss how getting out of your comfort zone is the most critical step in staying healthy. We also talk about the impact good health has on you and your business, as well as the one habit that will change your health and wellness overall. In addition, Jacob provides inspiration, and practical advice on how to start a new health routine, or how to up your current one.

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