Scott Bower Podcast - Episode 13 (1)

While the allure of investing in multifamily properties is easy to see, these investments represent an innovative opportunity to generate additional income from one investment. (Fortune Builders)

In Episode 13 of #INVESTTHIS we welcome, Stuart Gethner, President of Phelps Capital & Consulting and Managing Partner at Dobson Property Management. Stuart is also the author of Three Strategies to Work In and Not On Your Business, as well as a real estate instructor for the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association.

In this weeks episode, Stuart talks about how he went from being a pharmacist to a successful real estate investor, due to the life-changing advice he was given: “Start working on what you want to be doing, or life will pass you by.” He advises on how to successfully administer an extensive portfolio, the secret to managing out-of-state rentals and tips on how to analyze your investment for the best return.phelps capital logo

Stuart and I share the same philosophy that one should never stop learning, for there is always something new to learn that will help you and your business. Tune in to #INVESTTHIS Episode 13 to hear what you can learn from Stuart today.

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Never, never quit! Solving problems helps you grow and makes you a better business person -Stuart Gethner




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