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Mike Wagner, former successful multi-family investor, and Founder of Storage Rebellion had an epiphany while on vacation in Costa Rica. He realized in 48-hours he would be back at work and that left him feeling trapped. Starting with a hand-me-down course of investing in Self Storage, he began the journey that led him to lead the life that would provide him and his family with a lifestyle that enables him to no longer worry about a work week, or money.

In this weeks episode, Mike provides an in-depth look at the financial nuts-and-bolts of investing in self-storage and where and what to look for when pursuing the perfect investment. He also shares details on his remote management systems that enable him to work independently with no employees, as well as the pros and cons of self-storage development.

Mike shares helpful and inspiring details on how you can use self-storage investing as a way to have more life vs. life/work balance.

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