Justin Grimes, the host of the popular podcast The Cashflow Hustle has been an active real estate investor in properties from Dallas to Houston since 2007. Assets in his family’s current real estate portfolio include 500+ units through multi-family syndications, single-family rentals, self-storage centers, mobile home parks, mortgage notes, and commercial rehabs/flips.

Justin’s journey into real estate investing started when his life was turned upside down when his father was killed in an auto accident. After this tragedy, he took pieces of his family’s investments held in stocks and bonds and put them into something he felt he had more control over. Justin’s passion for learning all things related to cash flow had begun.

Justin shares quite a bit of his expertise in this episode, discussing his various investments and how they generate passive income. He also explains how to make money and manage the regulations of a note business, as well as the different ways mortgage notes can create cash flow.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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