Limited Partner - Holly Williams

Holly Williams is an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and the Founder and CEO of MQ Ventures and Keep More. is the online home of MQ Ventures, Inc., a NY-based real estate investment firm that has over $100M in multi-family investments nationwide, and offers passive income opportunities designed to minimize risk and maximize cash flow. Holly was also one of Joe Fairless’ first investors, and he is a Partner and Advisory Board Member of MQ Ventures.Limited Partner - Holly Williams

In this episode, Holly goes into great detail about the many benefits of investing as a limited partner, how to work within a group as a limited investor, as well as the key components to look for that make up an excellent out-of-market investment. Holly shares her vast knowledge in regards to paying fewer taxes as a limited partner and explains the advantages of a 1031 Exchange.

This episode is packed full of useful advice that you could start using today!

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