James Hawk is the host of Flip Fuel, an expert real estate investor marketing show. He is also the Co-Founder, and Principal of Hayden Hawk Investment Group, which is a Real Estate Investment Firm that acquires residential real estate for rehabilitation and resale in Jacksonville, Florida. James and his partner, Hunter Hayden maximize their clients’ investments through continual analysis of the ever-changing real estate market in support of their company mission to provide solid investment opportunities. Client satisfaction and a high return on investment are their primary objectives.Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.30.03 AM

In this weeks episode, James discusses the particulars of his partnership which started in 2013 and how he feels a complimentary partner fuels phenomenal growth. James goes into detail about how they put together their team and built a robust pipeline as well as why and how they opened a brokerage to monetize leads. As we all know, marketing is an integral part of investing, and James outlines his most profitable marketing channels and how he utilizes them for bigger profits.

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