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Undrea King, Founder, and CEO of Drayco Properties has been a successful business operator for almost two decades. He believes in going above and beyond to deliver investment properties with accurate comps and repair estimates.

Andy Speed, Co-Owner, and COO has been a full-time real estate investor since February of 2015 after spending more than a decade in supply chain management. Andy loves Houston, where he grew up and the opportunity to re-develop older, outdated houses.drayco properties

Together, Undrea and Andy find that they are better at finding awesome deals and passing those on to other investors to do the work. It’s just what works best for them.

In this weeks episode, Undrea and Andy take us through how they developed their profitable wholesale business. We discuss how they built their team through strategic recruitment, and why it’s their biggest struggle. Undrea goes into detail about the marketing methods they use to get good leads in, build their brand and position themselves as thought leaders. Other nuggets of wisdom you don’t want to miss: Online marketing, the good, the bad and the useful; how to handle a growth phase and what lists convert best for them.

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