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“Every deal you close should be treated as an opportunity to grow your real estate wholesaling business.” –Fortune Builders

Michael Cowper is a real estate investor that quickly grew from land lording to running a wholesale business, Return on Investments, with his partner, Mike Simmons. Michael bought his first property November of 2014 and since has completed hundreds of transactions and owns 47 rental units. He is also a coach in the HFHQ community which includes the mastermind group, 7 Figure Flipping, that helped his business scale faster than he thought possible. Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.26.29 AM

In this weeks episode, Michael delivers detailed information on how he started and grew his wholesale business. He shares his story about the beginning of his investing career, and why he offered his services and sales expertise for free to learn the trade and how that decision turned into his current partnership with Mike Simmons. Michael also provides detailed advice on how he utilizes his CRM to the utmost to streamline his business, his secret of how he obtains 400-500 leads a month and directs his lead managers to ongoing success, as well as the specifics of how he expanded his business.

This weeks episode is chock-full of detailed advice you could start incorporating into your business today!

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