There are many different ways to scale your business. Today’s guest, Rafael Cortez, an organizational psychologist, has done so building his own systems.

Rafael started out as a firefighter at the age of 19. On the side, Rafael started a non-emergency medical transportation company in 2006, built it and sold it in 2014 with a full fleet and over 40 employees. During this time, Rafael dabbled in real estate investing and went full time after he sold his business. Today, with over 600 deals negotiated, Rafael is the Owner Broker for Pulse Realty & Associates and executes investments through Pulse Capital. Also, he has started a personal and professional development company, CEO Pulse, where he offers coaching, consulting, and corporate training.

On today’s show, we have packed in a ton of great information. Rafael takes us through the growing stages of his investing business and the lessons he learned. Markedly, we discuss in detail how he has uniquely built his systems to automate much of his business. One such method has allowed him to cut his property analyzation to 15 minutes! The other side of his success is his managing strategy, in which he empowers his employees to be top performers. Additionally, personal development is essential to both of us, and we talk about how it can help you scale your business.

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